How to install CygCoot?

First install cygwin. Here's what to do and get:
# Set PATH so it includes gnome stuff bin if it exists
if [ -d /opt/gnome/bin ] ; then
sh ./build-it.txt

and go for a coffee (or grow some crystals) since it will take a while.

Which coot version do I get?

Currently I can provide (a tarball for) Coot v.0.0.18 for CygCoot! The same version is provided for WinCoot. I don't think I can keep up with Paul's speed in releasing new versions, so be patient. Hopefully soon you won't have to rely on my tarballs any more and can update your coot directly from Paul's website. The CygCoot autobuilder script might become universal at some point too (working with Paul on it). Currently I have forced the installation of certain libraries (gsl, freeglut) which have be installed 'by hand' although generally I stick to the libraries provided by cygwin for as much as possible.

Any known problems?

I installed CygCoot sucessfully on Win NT, Win 2000 and XP (aand previously even Win 98). It should compile through and run without problems. In case you want to use Win98, cygwin might run out of processes (fork) and the computer has to be rebooted before installation can continue (about 5-10 times for complete installation). I think this is a windows problem that it can't manage the processes.
CygCoot should run fine, although it might crash occasionally (it shouldn't though). In case it does report bugs to Paul/me/the coot mailing list.
Currently there is problems with the scripting, see below.
For the usual FAQs see Paul's page.

How fast/slow can I expect it to be?

CygCoot can be slow, especially on older, slower machines. Processor speed seems to be everything as it runs via cygwin emulation!!!! This is fixed in WinCoot. Here is some Windows Coot benchmarks:

Win 2000
1 GHz, 256 MB RAM

3 GHz, 1 GB RAM
Win 2000
1 GHz, 256 MB RAM ~7.5

2 GHz, 512MB RAM

N.B. This some 'standard' setting I use for testing and can be 'speeded' up by customising your setting! Furthermore I can't use the full openGL acceleration on my computer for WinCoot (Win 2000). So expect it to be much faster... (as can be seen already...)

How does the scripting work?

It seems that only python scripting is working (and compiling) under Windows. Currently there is some general problems with the python scripting function I believe. This should be sorted soon (Paul?). It is fixed in WinCoot now.

Last modified 23/10/2004
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